This is my blog. 

This is a blog of fitness, eating healthy, and how that goes on a weekly basis. It is also about my business. Feel free to make comments or suggestions. 

 I started last year weighing 236 pounds. As of the first, I weigh 213 pounds. That’s 23 pounds down without being too tough on myself! Wow! I only have 38 pounds to get to my goal. I’m giving myself 2 years to do it. That gives me room to have celebrations and fun.

I already eat pretty healthy. I really just need to cut soda. That’s my goal this year.

I started my own business in August 2015. I organize closets and drive the elderly that can get around but not drive anymore. I’ve been making it okay, I just need more clients. I live in the Houston Galleria area so my clients need to be in this area or the surrounding areas. There are plenty of people, I just need to find them!

Have a great year!


1 Comment

  1. Hi Julie,

    This is Brent Jatko from Rivington Townhomes #126.

    My wife Ann gave me your card with your website on it, but when I went to that address I got an error message, so I did a Google search and got this blog.

    Anyhow, good to see you’re starting something positive, and I wish you luck and prosperity.


    Brent Jatko

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