Julie Hart Cares

So my website for my business is http://www.juliehartcares.com and please feel free to check it out and give me any suggestions or ideas.

I have 2 clients so far. One elderly couple that still lives at home and one individual who lives in an assisted living facility. They told me that they do not want to give my cards to their friends because they do not want to share me. Well, how am I supposed to build my business without support from the people I currently drive?

I love what I’m doing. I never want to go back to a “real” job again. If I have been able to pay my bills on my own so far, I think I can build this and not have a problem in the future. I haven’t asked my parents for help (unless I’m doing organization work for them). I just need to get out there more and have people tell other people.

Anywho, off I go to work now. Have a great day!



Give it to me straight!

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